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Technology that is #1 for 2's and 3's!

Written By: Hatch Experts Team

Publish Date: Mar 23, 2017

The American Academy of Pediatrics updated their media recommendations in October 2016, and they reported that children as early as 12 to 24 months can begin to learn novel words from commercially available word learning videos. With this new research at our fingertips, we've created Hatch iStartSmart® Elite tablets and computers for two year olds!

Children on Toddler Tablets

Our best-in-class tablets and computers now have age appropriate, research-based content for children starting at age two! Our iStartSmart Elite Platform for 2's and 3's is appropriate for children 28 months and older, and is designed to aid them in moving along the developmental continuum.

Child Playing with all in oneThis personalized learning platform will maximize each child's personal growth potential along their path to Kindergarten readiness. Hatch knows that no two children play learning games the exact same way, so by individualizing each child's game, children can play at their own pace. Two-year-olds can begin their learning journey with touch games designed just for them! As they grow and acquire greater cognitive and fine motor development skills, the children will move their way into games with higher difficulty levels that flow seamlessly into kindergarten-ready skills.

Happy ToddlersGetting every child prepared for success in school starts with helping children build the skills necessary for kindergarten, helping teachers manage their classrooms and providing real-time information on each child's progress. iStartSmart Elite does all three! It also captures the power of each child's personalized play in our Report Management System, which allows teachers to monitor the progress and skill development of the children in their class. This solution is designed to be used just 30 minutes per week in the classroom! iStartSmart Elite has a lasting positive impact on each child's development, as well as how they experience technology in the future. The iStartSmart Elite learning platform sets the stage of life-long learning to help all children be prepared for success in kindergarten and beyond.

Proper utilization is key when implementing technology tools for early childhood classrooms. Join Hatch Expert Sarah Sweney as she goes through effective steps and information to help you implement Hatch Early Learning's new iStartSmart program, designed with toddlers in mind. If you work with toddlers or want tips on implementing technology in the classroom, this is the webinar for you! Register Today!


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