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Make the most of your technology investment with a professional development day with Hatch!

Written By: Hatch Experts Team

Publish Date: Feb 8, 2018


We know that Hatch technology works best when teachers and administrators understand how to use the devices, and when they feel empowered to be creative and make decisions that are best for the chil-dren in their classrooms. Hatch’s Professional Development Technology Trainings deliver in-person technology training on your time. No matter the level of experience that your educators have with technology in the classroom, our training can help support teachers at any level in just one day.

Hatch Training How does it work?
During your consultation with one of our early learning experts, you’ll talk about your organization’s needs and areas in which your educators need more support. You’ll decide how long your training should be; we offer full and half day training options that fit your schedule. Then, our early learning expert will work with you to determine the training material that will help you reach your organiza-tion’s goals.

At the end of your training session, educators will know how to properly integrate technology into the classroom and have in-depth knowledge of curriculum standards, essential skill development, daily planning of keys classroom lessons and activities. They’ll learn how to maximize the reports features, and will also have the ability to successfully navigate and plan daily activities to build upon each child’s individual development.

Want to learn more about Hatch’s Professional Development Technology Trainings? Click here to download a brochure with more details, or here to contact one of our early learning experts!