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Inspire Wonder - Playful Science Learning in the Early Years

Written By: Hatch Experts Team

Publish Date: Feb 13, 2018

Our first webinar of the Spring 2018 season is February 15th and we are excited to have Beth Wilson, M.S.Ed. Executive Director, Hobson School, join us for this informative webinar, Inspire Wonder: Playful Science Learning in the Early Years. This week we sat down with Beth Wilson to ask her a few questions in preparation for the webinar and now we are even more excited for next week. Check out what she had to say!

What actionable steps will teachers gain from this webinar?

This webinar aims to deepen teachers' understanding of best practices in science early learning. During the webinar teachers will reflect on their confidence in teaching science, and their beliefs about science learning in the early years. Gaining insight and knowledge about how young children engage in science will build teacher’s confidence and enthusiasm for early science experiences. The concepts and ideas presented will spark teachers thinking about how they can use everyday classroom materials and inquiry focused interactions for dynamic science learning in the classroom. Teachers will take-away practical strategies they can use right away in their classroom.

What hinders teachers from utilizing more science activities in the classroom?

Many people believe that all science experiences must follow a rigid set of rules or follow a linear step-by-step process. This is no surprise when you think about how the scientific method and experimental science is central to most people’s science experiences (in school). Unfortunately, the perception that there is a "right" or "wrong" way to engage in science creates a barrier and leaves many teachers unsure of their ability to facilitate science activities. Beyond this, teachers don’t always get quality training or ongoing support to counteract these misconceptions. The reality is that scientists engage in science in many ways and “real” science is in fact a very creative endeavor.

What are you most excited to share with the attendees of the webinar?

Science in the early years should always be playful - never boring - and should build upon children's curiosity and sense of wonder. I am excited to share how inquiry-based science can be so rewarding for both children and teachers because you’re seeking answers to real questions, engaging in authentic explorations, and sharing in the joy of your discoveries.

Who would be the ideal attendee for this webinar?

Preschool teachers, early elementary teachers, curriculum developers, and any person interested in learning more about how to engage young children in high-quality science learning.

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