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Cultivating Creativity for You and Your Classroom

Written By: Hatch Experts Team

Publish Date: May 12, 2016

Sanity Saves: Tips for Teachers and Parents

The following contains some ideas to help you make the most of life's mundane moments with some creativity and fun (not to mention, cognitive development, language development and social & emotional growth)!


Prep & Prepare

Prepping your child for what to expect during an upcoming appointment helps alleviate worry and fear. When you go to the doctor because your child has a sore throat, talk to your child about what will happen. "What do you think the doctor will do to help your throat feel better? Do you remember what to say when someone asks you to "Open wide" You say, 'Ahhhhhhh.' Sometimes doctors use a long Q-tip to see the back of your throat more clearly and the Q-tips can be tickly but even if it feels a little funny when they do that, they are really good at looking quickly!"


Practice Patience with Paper

Throw some paper and drawing materials in the car or in your bag and as you wait, encourage your child to draw a picture that shows what hurts, what they think the dentist will do, what the doctor/dentist will look like, and so on. As your children work, say things like, "Tell me about your drawing," Or, "How did you know to draw that?" Open-ended questions such as these can extend the amount of time your child draws, as well the overall experience!


Peruse the Periodicals

Take advantage of the periodicals that usually abound in waiting rooms: Click here to read the rest of the activities!

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