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The Hatch suite of early learning solutions complements and enhances your preschool & kindergarten classroom and supports early learners in reaching their next learning milestone! Hatch's early learning solutions build foundational skills across the 7 domains of learning in an interactive and engaging environment designed to foster a love of learning in young children.

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Connected Learning

The COVID-19 pandemic required Hatch Early Learning to rethink how we support our customers. One way was through connected learning. Using Ignite by Hatch enabled children to play developmentally appropriate digital experiences both in the classroom and at home, automatically sending data to teachers, no matter where learning was happening.

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Several parents have commented that they love Hatch and how it helps their child learn.  The children love showing their avatars to other children and teachers. I love the documentation sent to TSG and the new way it is displayed.

Paul Martin

Children are Resilient

Social-emotional learning (SEL) has never been more important than it is today. Pandemic-related disruptions in the school year have left an urgent need for tools that promote children’s social and emotional development. Learn more about how Hatch early learning solutions support SEL.

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Digital Equity

The pandemic highlighted a challenge of digital equity for many early childhood programs across the country. Traditionally, early childhood programs do not provide devices for each child to support their learning. In the last school year, we have seen a decided shift in programs purchasing tablets and learning tools for all children in their classrooms. This allowed children to access high-quality learning content in the classroom and at home. Hatch has been providing child-safe tablets to early childhood programs across the country for many years. The Ignite™ by Hatch tablet solution has helped over 50,000 children in the last school year by providing them access to an award-winning, whole-child focused learning platform on a child-safe tablet that can travel with them from the classroom to home and back.

Hatch has transformed the way I teach, the suite of products, especially Ignite, has been a true game-changer.

Terri Hale

How Hatch Can Help

As you formulate plans to head back to the classroom, Hatch is prepared to support and partner with you. We know face-to-face learning provides children not only with more direct support from the teacher but also the opportunity to build pro-social emotional skills.  In addition, we know teachers need to spend their time building relationships with each child and their family to ensure all learners flourish.  Ignite by Hatch was built to make teachers lives easier, providing children with a digital learning tool that focuses on whole-child development (that’s independent and fun to use), provides teachers with objective data (lessening the burden of data collection), and supports each child and their individual learning goals.

To learn more about our solutions and how Hatch is ready to get students back in the classroom successfully, partner with teachers, and support families.

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Hatch is an A-1 company, their customer service, and tech support team always delivers.

They are extremely patient and speak regular people or non-tech language to all my teachers.

Dr. Karen Long, Administrator

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