Authentic Child Data Drives Instruction

tabletreports1The Web-based Hatch Report Management System (RMS) allows teachers and administrators access to progress reports from any Internet-connected device. Teachers login to monitor individual student progress across 18 core skills. This real-time progress data allows teachers to tailor small group and individual instruction throughout the year to improve student outcomes. Hatch RMS also provides administrators with overview reports across all the classrooms in their organization.
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istartsmart-mobile_reporting1Teachers use data to improve outcomes

Teachers across the U.S. are using iStartSmart data to impact classroom instruction and to aid in intervention for at-risk students. Reports are easy to use and show details of how children are developing in real time. The data specifies areas in which children excel or need more work, so teachers can provide individualized attention or pair children for group instruction and peer tutoring. The system documents how much time each child works within each skill development area and automatically takes snapshots of performance each quarter so teachers can review progress over time.

District-wide reports inform Administrators like never before

Administrators can access overview reports of all classrooms any time, anywhere, with an Internet connection. iStartSmart overview reports show how classrooms, schools and districts are performing in essential skills for success in school and beyond. The system automatically provides quarterly snapshots of performance so administrators can view trends over time. Never before have administrators had access to real-time progress data for early learning classrooms. Most notably, administrators can pair the iStartSmart data with subjective data, and teacher-guided assessments to create the most comprehensive student profile to date!