Preschool Learning Tablets for Kids

Preschool Learning Tablets for Kids

Adaptive teaching technology building kindergarten readiness skills

A Tablet to Improve Outcomes

iStartSmart Mobile is the early learning tablet that fascinates and engages. Pre-loaded with research-based early learning software and apps hand-picked by experts, it monitors child progress as they play–showing adults exactly what each child knows! Unique reporting tools allow administrators to see faster child learning results allowing for personalized learning and refocused instruction. iStartSmart is great for early learning and special education programs of all sizes!

  • Engaging learning games in core skill areas
  • Faster child results with fully engaged learning
  • Easily identify what each child knows
  • Progress data overviews at the class, school & organization levels

Next Level of Learning

Available for Hatch tablets and computers, iStartSmart Elite gives early learning classrooms access to the latest games and teacher resources available from Hatch. With expanded features and benefits, iStartSmart Elite is the best way to ensure classrooms are on the cutting edge of early learning technology.

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Engaging Content

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Teaching Tools


Monitor Child Progress in Real-Time

iStartSmart Mobile revolutionizes the tablet classroom experience, capturing child progress in core math and literacy skills automatically while they play. Teachers can quickly and easily understand the diverse needs of every child and refocus activities for struggling children. With progress data that rolls up into classroom, school and organization level reports, teachers and administrators now have easy access to early learner progress like never before!
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Results Show it Works

A scientific research study conducted during the 2011-2012 school year demonstrated that children who used the iStartSmart Learning System over 20 educational weeks scored statistically significantly above the national average on standardized tests in math and literacy after using the technology.
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