iStartSmart All-in-one

Preschool Computer for Kids

Computer games that build school readiness skills

iStartSmart is a kid-friendly preschool computer, preloaded with early childhood software that scaffolds learning. It monitors child progress as children play, showing administrators and teachers exactly what each child knows, so they can make informed decisions about small and large group instruction.

Preschool Computer for Kids

Build School Readiness Skills

  • Fully engaged learning means results
  • Pinpoint exactly what each child knows
  • Scaffolded levels in 18 core skill areas
  • Progress data compiled at the individual, class, organization & district level
“The children can do everything themselves and with the random nature of the activities, they don’t get bored with this preschool computer!”
- Marsha Maskill, Head Start Teacher, TX

See Child, Classroom, School and District Reporting

This is the only preschool computer technology that focuses on developing 18 core math and literacy skills essential for success in school and beyond. The adaptive teaching technology ensures competency and skill understanding before moving children to more advanced levels. iStartSmart allows teachers to monitor each child’s progress every time they log into the system. Progress data is summarized in easy-to-understand reports that empower teachers to make informed instructional decisions–leading to improved learning outcomes and efficiencies in periodic data collection.

Research-Based Activities Align to Standards to Improve Outcomes

The education experts at Hatch developed iStartSmart specifically for early learners, so that children can independently access the system and be monitored as pre-readers.  Aligned to early learning standards (NAEYC, Head Start Framework) and various assessments (e.g. Teaching Strategies GOLD), iStartSmart preschool computers integrate with curriculums, assessments, and standards that you are already implementing in your classrooms.  The games and activities positive encouragement and rewards provide educational opportunities, while creating an engaging learning environment for children. The system automatically increases or decreases difficulty as children move through the 18 core skills. Teachers love iStartSmart because they can view detailed progress reports for each child and share this information with administrators and parents.