Preschool Interactive Whiteboard Software

High quality activities & tools deliver an instant return on your investment

Revolutionize your early education classrooms by partnering with Hatch to ensure that  your teachers have the software, training and lessons to maximize 1:1 instruction and learning opportunities that improve child outcomes. Developed by leading education experts, TeachSmart equips teachers with research-based strategies and technology that make a difference!

TeachSmart is designed to meet the developmental needs of all children. Differentiated learning can be practiced with every activity to build skills for both struggling and advanced students, those with special needs and students who are not native English speakers. Scaffolded levels allow children to develop at their own pace without feeling like they are behind.


Interactive Whiteboard for Preschool

Build School Readiness Skills

  • Fully engaged learning means faster results
  • Implement a full year of activities across all classrooms
  • Organize custom lessons by theme
  • Capture authentic work in digital portfolios

Our children start out ahead of those who aren’t exposed to TeachSmart. The progress is amazing! The number of children prepared for kindergarten increased significantly.”

– June McCourt, Supervisor of Special Education & Pre-K Director | Trenton, TN


Already Have an Interactive Board?

Buy just the software

Available for PC. Works on any interactive display or board. Significantly enhance the teaching and learning experience with a full year of research-based activity lessons.
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Need the Board and Software?

Get a customizable package

If you need the Hatch® hardware, we can deliver a complete package. We’ve thought through every detail to ensure it’s perfect for young children and easy for you to implement in your classrooms. You’ll also get all the recommended add-ons.
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Interactivity Integrates Seamlessly Into the Classroom

Less clutter, more organization and instant ROI

Leveraging TeachSmart for daily routines and charts on the interactive whiteboard, rather than managing boards and flip charts, saves time, money and space! The technology makes it easy to get the most out of technology all day long.

  • Circle time
  • Small groups and personalized learning
  • Capture audio and video authentic work samples
  • Daily routines (helpers, attendance, rules, weather and more!)
  • Electronic poems and charts
  • eBooks to explore and track print
  • Free play for creative and cooperative play
  • Storytelling and recording activities
  • Lesson planning