Learning Management System (LMS)

Hatch Early Learning’s Online Learning Tool

Current customers may sign in or sign up for online courses through the Hatch Learning Management system.

Hatch’s online training tool is dedicated to coaching educators on how to successfully integrate Hatch Technology easily and effectively into their classrooms. Unleash the power!

  • Use of the LMS enables educators to engage their young learners with educational technology created by The Early Learning Experts® at Hatch.
  • The Learning Management System (LMS) offers an incredible format for learning anywhere you have Internet access!
  • Learn at your leisure with the online courses; each of which is tailored to meet a busy educator’s lifestyle.
  • Convenient learning designed to assist educators properly implement  Hatch technology in their classrooms — whenever, wherever.

The Learning Management System (LMS) is a benefit to all teachers. As you complete each Learning Course, you will have a multitude of ideas for integrating and implementing Hatch technology into your classroom. And referring to the progress monitoring reports will streamline your lesson planning and instruction.

Today’s educators face many new challenges, and one of the most important choices is how to appropriately integrate technology into a traditional classroom. LMS Learning Courses teach Learners the ins & outs of product usage, as well as how to make classrooms technology-friendly, enabling educators with realistic implementation in a way that enhances learning for young children.

LMS_Kelly_GirlAdditional LMS Benefits:

  • Learning Check-Ins – Immediately assess your knowledge
  • Printable Certificate – Available after the successful completion of each Learning Course
  • Submit a Question – Hatch Learning Experts are always accessible
  • Unlimited Access – Available as often as needed without any limits to log-ins
  • How-To Course – Guides users how-to-use the Learning Management System with ease

Learning Courses Currently Available:Learning Management System How-To Learning Course

  • iStartSmart™ Mobile
  • iStartSmart™ for the iPad
  • iStartSmart™ Computer
  • iStartSmart™ and the Report Management System
  • iStartSmart™ RMS: Administrator Course
  • TeachSmart® Home Page
  • TeachSmart® ELL Spanish
  • WePlaySmart®  by HATCH®
  • STEM Kit: HANDy Engineering Robotics
  • STEM Kit:  Up, Over, and On We Go!