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Hatch WePlaySmart Multi Touch Table

Hatch WePlaySmart Multi-Touch Table

• 275+ learning games for 2-4 children
• Four different theme areas
• Capture authentic audio of child interactions
• Report on improvements in social emotional skills over time

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Improve social-emotional development while capturing authentic data

WePlaySmart by Hatch provides a cooperative learning environment for early learners that teaches positive behavior and teamwork. This innovative system captures authentic audio of peer conversations so that teachers can review, assess, and report on social-emotional development.

Hatch Education Experts creatied a state of the art multi-touch table solution, WePlaySmart that is perfect for any preschool classroom. Games are designed to encourage collaboration, to automatically target areas that need development and to save the childrens’ conversations during play throughout the school year. Teachers can listen to audio recordings to evaluate how children are developing with a set of assessment tools to aid them in making informed observations on social-emotional development. WePlaySmart by Hatch games also provide opportunities to develop math, literacy, social studies and science skills for cognitive ages 3-6 with more than 275 cognitive games.

WePlaySmart by Hatch is a multi-touch table with 32 touchpoints, allowing 4 children to play simultaneously. The games are designed to encourage collaborative, versus parallel play. By working together, children learn to solve problems, take turns, follow instructions and be team players. Game play in WePlaySmart by Hatch is visible from all positions around the table to ensure that no child is left out, or unable to participate in an activity.

WePlaySmart® by Hatch® connects young minds and encourages collaborative play.

  • • 42" screen
  • • 23.5" height
  • • 115 lbs. weight
  • • Surface Light Wave Technology with 32 touchpoints
  • • Windows 7 Operating System
  • • Integrated Speakers and Microphone
  • • Keyboard with Integrated Trackpad
  • • Integrated Recording and Image Capture System

What You Get When You Buy Hatch Technology

  • • Computer Accessories
  • • Hatch Exclusive Hardware & Software
  • • A full suite of learning games to help children's social and emotional development
  • • In-depth teacher training to ensure proper integration in the classroom
  • • Free lifetime access to our library of online courses and instructional videos
  • • Two year warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship
  • • Photo login allows children to select their photos in order to play