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Numeral Recognition Hatchables Kit sold at

Numeral Recognition Hatchables Kit

3 yrs. & up. Countdown to success with our Numeral Recognition Hatchables Kit! The ready-to-use kit includes everything you need to build numeral recognition skills while working with small groups. The Hatchables Kit provides step-by-step instructions that enable teachers to implement comprehensive and engaging lessons using a variety of hands-on materials (dominoes and numeral cards) that prompt children to recognize, sequence, and count numerals 1-20. Each Hatchables Kit comes with a Teaching Guide with National Standard Alignments, Extensions, Assessment, At Home Connections and Free Online Video Training! At Hatch®, we believe in helping teachers to teach smarter not harderĀ®! Ages: 3 yrs. and up.


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Age Range 3 yrs & up
CPSIA Contains Balloon No
CPSIA Contains Marble No
CPSIA Contains Small Ball No
CPSIA Contains Small Parts No

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