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Kaito's Cloth Hardback Book, 0399247971, 9780399247972, Millard, Glenda

Kaito's Cloth Hardback Book

4 yrs. & up. With the winter days approaching, young Kaito journeys to the Mountain of Dreams to watch her butterflies soar one last time. However, when she reaches her destination after an arduous three-day trek, she is too late. Her butterflies have died. Weep no more, says the Lord of Flight, creator of all butterflies. Only the wings are stilled. Flight is eternal. Inspired, Kaito has an idea: She takes a silver needle and soft spider's silk, and sews a pair of wings that take breath in the wind. With her kite, now everyone can enjoy the beauty of a butterfly's flight all winter long.

Glenda Millard and Gaye Chapman offer an emotionally resonant and visually arresting story about the beauty of butterflies, and the resilience of the human spirit.


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Age Range 4 yrs & up
CPSIA Contains Balloon No
CPSIA Contains Marble No
CPSIA Contains Small Ball No
CPSIA Contains Small Parts No

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