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Journeys into Early Math Kit

Lowest Price Ever! BUY NOW! Journeys into Early Math is a program especially designed for young children that provides new and exciting opportunities to learn math skills and concepts. The modules are structured to ensure that students learn math skills easily, and then apply these skills to useful tasks. Most of the modules begin with animation that relates to learning objectives for that module (such as an alarm clock with the numeral one for Number Sense). Audio prompts tell the children what to do at each step.

Our exclusive classroom activities and software follow the content and process standards developed by The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), which focuses on five areas of mathematics: Numbers and Operations, Patterns, Functions and Algebra, Geometry and Spatial Sense, Measurement, and Data Analysis and Probability.

Journeys into Early Math provides unlimited opportunities for children to construct understanding of numbers and operations. Each classroom activity has a corresponding software module that makes learning fun for all ages.

What's Included:

• User's Guide Introduction (includes Early math Progress Chart)
• Activity Masters (Family Connection Letters in English AND Spanish)
• Classroom Activities
• Playing Cards
• Numeral Cards
• Number Word Cards
• Set Cards
• Boing Puppet pattern
• 2 Game Boards
• Computer Software


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Age Range 3 yrs & up
CPSIA Contains Balloon No
CPSIA Contains Marble No
CPSIA Contains Small Ball No
CPSIA Contains Small Parts No

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