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Families of Russia DVD

Families of Russia DVD

Anya, age 7, lives in the industrial city Nizhny Novgorod, built hundreds of years ago on the Volga and Oka Rivers. We learn how important education is to Anya and her brother, and what her parents do. Dad works for the local water department and must fix a broken pump. Her mother shops for groceries at a modern-looking store and an open-air market. After school, Anya practices gymnastics, and we see her working out on the parallel bars. Her workout is demanding, and she falters sometimes, but she says she must keep trying in order to improve her skills. While their city apartment is tiny by American standards, there's room for a mini jungle gym in the living room. The next segment follows Nicolai, age 10, whose family owns a farm where everyone pitches in and nothing is purchased if it can be made at home. The village of Retkino is known for its woodworking, and we see local craftspeople making bowls on a lathe and painting them in intricate and colorful designs. Nicolai zips through the village on his little motorcycle, and joins his dad for a soothing "banya" (sauna) before bed. 30 minutes. Ages 3-10.


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Age Range 3 yrs & up
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