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Creative Diversity Classroom Center


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Creative Diversity Classroom Center

Product Details

Get your kids up and moving with global music, multicultural puzzles, multi-ethnic costumes, and books.! The Creative Diversity & Music Classroom Center includes 19 high-quality, kid-tested products specifically chosen for fun gross motor skill development in the classroom.

Preschool Classroom Centers are areas within a classroom where children learn about specific subjects through playing and engaging in activities focused in a cognitive area. These areas create an intellectually engaging, responsive environment to promote each child’s learning and development through play. (NAEYC 1997, 11).

Play is an active form of learning that involves the whole self through child-initiated exploration and discovery. Playing in a classroom center environment also helps children to develop certain strategy-based skills such as making decisions, carrying out plans, cooperating and sharing with others and problem-solving.

Center Time allows children to be self-disciplined by exploring in their own way, intentionally directing their learning independently. Center Time encourages self-motivation as children concentrate on things that interest them intensely. These social-emotional skills are now seen as critical for success in school.

Hatch Classroom Center Product Lists are a teacher’s one-stop shop for specific classroom center materials. The lists are perfect for teachers who are just getting started and also for teachers who wish to update existing centers with fun and engaging learning activities.

Customize each center list online with the items that best fit your classroom’s needs. There are 13 Classroom Centers Product Lists:

Hatch believes in helping teachers to teach smarter, not harder®. Make the best investment in center-based learning materials: one that will be easy for teachers to use and FUN for kids!

Please Note: Customized classroom lists with special order items may require additional time for processing, installation and delivery. Please contact your Hatch Sales Representative for details.

Additional Information
Age Range 3 yrs & up, 4 yrs & up
CPSIA Contains Balloon No
CPSIA Contains Marble No
CPSIA Contains Small Ball No
CPSIA Contains Small Parts No

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