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Califone® Sound Alert™ Stereo Headphone

Califone 2985PG Sound Alert™ Stereo Headphone

The Sound Alert™ headphone visibly signals to students and teachers when the headphone volume is louder than the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association recommended 85dB level.

When the volume that is played through the headphone exceeds 85 decibels, a bright red warning light on the earcup turns on, alerting both the teacher and student about an unsafe sound level requiring adjustment. Having an appropriate volume level pointed out will help teachers and students learn safe and lifelong listening practices, beginning in the classroom, learning center, or school library.

This durable headphone is based on the rugged Califone monaural headphone, which is the educator's standard for listening centers, ELL and ELD and other language learning activities.

The Sound Alert headphone can be used as a normal headphone without charging the battery, but the warning LED feature will not operate. The headphone saves power by shutting off when no audio signal is present for 60 seconds and will power on automatically when there is an audio signal present.

Includes an AC adapter and charging lead
(not shown).


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Age Range 5 yrs & up
CPSIA Contains Balloon No
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