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Talk About... How We Feel

Talk About... How We Feel

4 yrs. & up. Many children, particularly those with Autism Spectrum disorders, struggle to interpret non-verbal communication and need support to recognize and name their feelings.

Focusing on just the eight feelings words that children are most likely to need, this set of emotion flashcards includes four examples of each. There are two boys and two girls showing each of the feelings so there are many opportunities for practice, and the cards can also be used for matching games like ‘pairs’ and ‘match the feelings’ and for work on the pronouns, he and she.

Each photograph is carefully taken in the same setting so that the only variable is the emotion shown. This is very helpful for focusing children on exactly the aspect of language you are trying to develop. The ability to recognize facial expressions and identify emotions is a vital social skill as well as an important aspect of spoken language and this card set will be invaluable in most settings. By talking about boys and girls showing different feelings, children will also begin to understand and use pronouns.


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Age Range 4 yrs & up, 5 yrs & up
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