Sink or Float kit preschool stem kits. this sink or float kit can also be used as an additional preschool stem kit.

Sink or Float Sensory Kit

3 yrs. & up. A must-have for sensory play in your classroom. Does it sink, or does it float? Our Sink or Float Kit is overflowing with materials that invite children to explore the science of buoyancy! Includes 30 Really Big Buttons, 52 Uppercase and Lowercase Sponge Letters, 3 Tugboats, Stacking Set (Set of 6), 50 Bright Hues Pom-Poms, 100 Multi-Colored Wiggle Eyes, 13 Acrylic Gemstones Square, Clear Container and a Hatch Storage Bag. Can also be used as a preschool STEM kit.


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