It’s never too early to learn to LOVE STEM!
Bringing STEM to Pre-K doesn’t have to be intimidating! These exclusive
preschool learning kits by Hatch provide scaffolded activities and
materials to get children excited about Science, Technology,
Engineering, and Math.
Introducing STEM into your classroom can be tons of fun. Let us help! Check out our blog, webinar, and other resources to get the whole story on STEM for preschool. At Hatch, we believe that there are no greater natural scientists and engineers than young children; they are inquisitive and naturally learn as they play. The lessons in the Teaching Guide and the materials in our kits provide children with structure to build upon their natural inclination to explore, to build and to question.
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STEM Kits from Hatch
For each Hatch STEM kit the activities are scaffolded, presenting information and ideas with increasing complexity to give children an introduction to the basic concepts of technology and promote literacy and other school readiness skills along the way. Along with the activities, each kit comes with a Teaching Guide with national standard alignments, extensions, assessment, at home connections and free online video training!
Preschool-STEM-Kit-Engineering Preschool STEM Civil Engineering Kit
HANDy Engineering-Robotics Kit:
This STEM kit is a combination of technology and engineering with a specific introduction to robotics. Also available as an extension to the kit are Cubelets, modular pieces that create combinations of sensing and moving machines for young minds to explore.

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UP, Over and ON We Go! Stem Kit:
This STEM kit focuses on Civil Engineering for ages 3 & up. The lessons and activities are centered on ramps, bridges, and paths, allowing children to observe their surroundings and dive into hypothesis testing. Customized activity floor maps will help children grow their vocabulary and understanding of concepts through story-telling.

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Preschool STEM Shapes and Volume Kit Preschool-STEM-Kit-Gravity
It’s All in the Box! Kit:
This STEM kit provides activities that focus on 2-D and 3-D shapes, weight, volume, and construction for ages 3 & Up. Lessons plans teach children to make weight and size predictions using materials in the kit.

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If it goes UP, will it come DOWN? Kit:
This STEM kit introduces the concept of gravity with activities that focus on using the scientific method to predict, test, and observe to develop evidence-based conclusions.

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Preschool Children Learning STEM