INFOGRAPHIC: New Research Shows Technology Use in Preschool Improves Math & Literacy Skills

Based on a recent press release,

A new research study reports that pre-K students who used age-appropriate technology with progress monitoring over six months made significant improvements in both math and early literacy skills on externally-administered, standardized tests. The study investigated the effectiveness of the iStartSmart™ educational technology system by Hatch® in urban early childhood classrooms.

Twenty-five percent of very young children in America are now living in poverty and are at risk for educational deficits. Compared to their middle-income peers, young low-income children display poorer language/literacy and mathematics skills, putting them at high risk for school failure. This makes it critically important that these children in particular have high-quality early education experiences.

“iStartSmart technology was chosen for this study because it includes two critical factors that make technology a valuable tool for early education: 1) developmentally appropriate, interactive and sequential content; and 2) accurate, consistent performance data that supports guidance and intervention,” said Dr. Dale McManis, Research Director for the study. We offer this infographic to highlight the prominent information from this study, and to show what Hatch Technology, in this case, iStartSmart systems, can do for children. The complete press release is available from Businesswire.


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  1. Monica Levy says:

    While I agree that it is important to develop these skills early, putting kids in front of a monitor or even a smartboard is not the way to do it! I believe that Kinesthetic Learning such as LeapSmart is just as effective and also promotes social and psychological skills along with cognitive skills. Studies have shown the importance of these skills to future success. It is not advantageous to isolate the child in front of a screen which may help them learn some skills but also keeps them immobile, (promoting an unhealthy lifestyle), while preventing any possible learning from their peers and developing skills that help them get along with others. This is what they need to learn in preschool if they have any hope of future success.

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