On The Road to Reading with E-Books

Presented by: Kathleen Roskos, Ph.D. and Jeremy Brueck

E-books are rapidly spreading into the early childhood classroom, inviting young children to interact with books in ways they have not done before. But what does this mean for learning to read in a digital age? This webinar takes a close look at the emerging role of e-books in the teaching of early literacy. It explores the design quality of e-books as children’s first readers; describes the potential of good e-books for learning to read and reading in P-2 classrooms; and presents an e-book instructional routine that guides the use of e-books in early literacy instruction. It also offers a peek (and poke) into the future of digital reading with e-books.

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Tuesday October 8th | 2:00 PM Eastern

Kathleen Roskos

Kathleen RoskosAt John Carroll University, Kathleen Roskos teaches courses in P-12 reading assessment and instruction. Formerly an elementary classroom teacher, Dr. Roskos has served in a variety of other educational roles, including director of federal programs in the public schools and department chair in higher education. She completed two years of public service as the Director of the Ohio Literacy Initiative at the Ohio Department of Education, providing leadership in P-12 literacy policy and programs.  Her areas of research include early literacy education and the design of professional development for teachers. She has published research articles, chapters and books on these topics. Her most recent studies have focused on e-books in the Head Start classroom.

Jeremy Brueck

Jeremy Brueck
Jeremy Brueck serves as the director of the Digital Text Initiative at the University of Akron’s Center for Literacy where he provides strategic direction and coordination of services in the design of professional development for pre-K-12 teachers across Ohio. Prior to that, he spent 5 years as a curriculum & technology specialist in Green Local Schools with a focus on designing standards-based integrated lessons for grades K-3. He has also worked as a 3rd grade classroom teacher in Columbus Public Schools. Mr. Brueck is a licensed teacher for grades 1-8 and also holds a Masters degree in Educational Leadership with a focus on the Principalship. Jeremy is a doctoral candidate who is researching the use of eBook and mobile devices in literacy learning.